YoGabbaGabba Nap Mat

This nap mat is loved by toddlers due to the fact that it is colorful with their favorite cartoons. It is a quilted nap mat that is attached to an ultra-soft plush blanket that is warm enough for the toddler.  It is a great toddler travel bed mat for day cares, sleep overs or simply nap time at home.  It has a removable pillow, easily rolls up and is fastened with velco straps and easy to carry handle.  Kids who carry this mat feel like they are already grown up and enjoy carrying it with them wherever they travel.


Features of the YoGabbaGabba Nap Mat

  • It comes with a quilted mat, ultra-soft blanket and pillow.
  • It has a YoGabbaGabba name printed across it
  • It is light inweight weighing about 1.2 pounds
  • It measures 10×8.1×7.7 inches
  • It is machine washable
  • It is made of 100% polyester with 100% polyester fill.
  • It comes with an attached blanket that is made of 100% polyester.
  • It allows you to personalize it with a name window.


This bed received overwhelming reviews from the users who have used it according to the Amazon site.  Some of the reviews from verified customers are:

“My son is lucky enough to have two amazing grandparents who babysit him while my husband and I work. He loves his nap mat, I got it for his first birthday. I love yogabbagabba, he loves yogabbagabba! Sometimes when he’s not napping he enjoys just relaxing on it. I love everything about this…I wish they had one in my size!”

“I bought the yoGabbaGabba Nap Mat for a arrived after the party, my grandson who is 7 opened it and he just fall in love with it .I recommend this product to my friend.”

“My daughter is in Pre-K and uses this at pre-school on her cot. It is great because the blanket is loose on all but one edge, so she can use it, not use it, cuddle with it, etc., she’s not stuck in it like a sleeping bag. Colors are vibrant and YoGabba is awesome!”

“This is the perfect little pick me up and take me anywhere sleep bag………whether you just use it at home for a fun night’s sleep or bring it with you in the car when traveling, this bag will be the perfect thing to have and your child will be happy to sleep in it anywhere.”


This is the easiest toddler travel mat to walk around with.  It’s light, colorful and warm enough for your toddler.  The best a parent can do is invest in a travel bed/mat light enough that the child can actually carry it around as they look forward to doing so.

Children are happy when they are involved in packing and carrying the bags out for travelling.  They feel they are part of one big happy family that loves to get them involved in everything.  They also learn responsibility froma tender age.  A toddler bed that is light is always fun for kids to carry around.